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Ti chiediamo di essere sincero e obiettivo, e di lasciare la recensione entro 15 giorni dallo show.

kolg*** il 29/11/2021 alle 01:31 scrive
She is beyond sexy !! super friendly and kind girl i love her:D she also cares alot about the show u buy and alwys try to make the other person request reality. HER LEGS ARE MY DRUG FROM TODAY ON
GiliSky risponde
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Thank you! I hope we repeate soon again!
Amin*** il 07/06/2021 alle 01:47 scrive
As good looking as in the pics. Nice and friendly girl. So many latex outfits. Great role play 10/10!
GiliSky risponde
Thank you :-)! Yes I love all kind roleplay, I hope we repeate soon again!
D73m*** il 14/03/2021 alle 00:09 scrive
In one word, the best
You cannot find a wider smile, a more perfect body, such a great mix of sensuality and kindness.
Easy to get addicted to.
Shows leave you breathless.
GiliSky risponde
Oh you blush me! Thank you my friend <3<3<3