Acquista sulla pagina di sofiadiaz uno show in cam o un video.
Facendo un singolo acquisto di almeno 15 € puoi lasciare una recensione o un semplice commento.
Ti chiediamo di essere sincero e obiettivo, e di lasciare la recensione entro 15 giorni dallo show.

Giga*** il 28/09/2020 alle 00:27 scrive
I had some minor misunderstandings with Sofia, but they were resolved by the staff in a fantastic way. Sofia is a spectacular girl, with a gorgeous face, beautiful eyes and lips and a fantastic body, and a curvy ass that makes you dream.
I don't think I will contact her again, but I wanted to say that the service requested has been provided and that I was fully satisfied with her performance.

Recommended? Yes, for her beautiful body, not so much for the service (4 days have passed from the payment to the requested service).

Anyway, thank you again Sofia, I wish you good luck on the site.