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For assistance send an email to or use the chat in Area Camgirl. We currently don't have any active Skype contact or other programs.

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For assistance follow the guided tour below:
We have various methods of payment by credit card. If you have a problem with one system, try the other.

If you still have any doubt mail us here:

As shown in the banner here on the right and in the yellow warning on the camgirl's pages, if you haven't paid on the site we cannot help you IN ANY WAY.
You've probably been stuck in a fake contact: to make sure that you have spoken with our camgirl click on his skype contact (don't use skype search) and you'll open your contact.

It's useless to tell us that you have the evidence, if you didn't pay on the site, we can not verify that the transaction has taken place and who you paid for. And even if you send us the conversation we can not verify that you have spoken to our camgirl.
So, even if we want, we can not help you.