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Su Morena scritto da Mimm***: Una donna stupenda, piena di qualità...le sue forme sono da urlo i suoi show sono di uno spettacolo puro!


Su Lady Glamhell scritto da schi***: Mi sono trovato benissimo con Lady Glamhell, è la padrona con cui sono riuscito ad empatizzare di più. Comanda lei, ma è anche gentile il giusto, rend... Leggi la recensione completa

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gian*** on 09/02/2020 alle 18:33 write
gian*** on 19/12/2019 alle 16:03 write
Real cam girl model....perdeva body and very very intelligente girl
Mark*** on 17/12/2019 alle 20:10 write
Gorgeus, intelligent and nice girl. A little sweet and a little "bitch" :), a little bit of a devil and a little bit of an angel. Latika seduce me making me want to be there with her. He knew how to tease me slowly, slowly making my desire grow ... She is so beautiful that she is able to make me enjoy without touching me
gian*** on 23/09/2019 alle 16:42 write
Simply wow
gian*** on 18/09/2019 alle 00:35 write
dio che modella...real model girl..
gian*** on 15/09/2019 alle 00:07 write
strafica cazzo
gian*** on 12/09/2019 alle 14:16 write
I love this girl
gian*** on 10/09/2019 alle 00:14 write
For me she is the best girl of this site...very very sexy and elegant
gian*** on 26/08/2019 alle 18:58 write
Simply super...the best model
gian*** on 18/08/2019 alle 00:07 write
Best cam girl of the year 2019
gian*** on 01/07/2019 alle 17:25 write
real….hot...porno...real gfe...
gian*** on 14/06/2019 alle 11:35 write
Simply perfect girl
gian*** on 30/05/2019 alle 22:37 write
Real nail art artist girl
gian*** on 28/05/2019 alle 00:38 write
She is a real fetish goddes
gian*** on 25/05/2019 alle 12:17 write
Her eclusive photoset are very perfect..she is the best camgirl that i know...her body is very very sexy and her nails are so so lovely an perfet...
gian*** on 22/05/2019 alle 00:19 write
Real real cute girl....very very sexy and pirno with boots...
gian*** on 06/04/2019 alle 21:23 write
perfect girl
stee*** on 22/01/2019 alle 13:42 write
e' una ragazza dolcissima educata gentile e molto bella...ciao Latika.. Stefano
gian*** on 10/03/2018 alle 12:33 write
i m forever her moneyslave
gian*** on 22/10/2017 alle 09:33 write
i love you baby...i m your slave

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