paysafecard – as easy as cash

Pay safely online without a bank account or credit card? Get paysafecard now and pay cash online.

Pay by simply entering the 16-digit paysafecard PIN or sign up for your personal my paysafecard payments account, top it up with your PINs and pay with just your username and password.

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Buy paysafecard worldwide at 500,000 sales outlets in the amounts of 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 EUR. Then use it to pay at thousands of online shops by simply entering the 16-digit PIN (don't give the code to the camgirl!!). Finished. You've paid without providing us any personal information or bank details.

Unlike the payment by credit card (zero commissions), this type of payment has a commission of 2%: for example, buying a recharge of 5 € and inserting it into the website, your credit will be charged by 4.90 €.